There are some fees associated with the sale of NFT’s. OpenSea has a fixed rate of 2% on all sales transactions. We apply a 15% management fee and you keep a whole 85% for yourself!

When it comes to re-sales (remember you will own creator rights forever) there is an agreed cap of 10% for how much royalties can be collected by you. In this case our management fee is 1.5% leaving you with 8.5% for yourself.

There are endless ways on how your NTS’s can be used to monetize. You will always have your guaranteed cut. All transactions are recorded and available for you to view in real time thanks to the blockchain technology. See How it works.

Once your NFT is sold (and re-sold) we send your guaranteed cut directly to your PayPal address. There are additional PayPal fees. Please check the official PayPal fees page for the last updates.